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Why Did The Beatles Break Up?

The Beatles are the most influential and greatest band of all time. However, during the latter 1970, McCartney also intended to leave the group, when the public knew the situation as well. Eventually, after the break-up, all four musicians were later working on individual projects.

Pros and cons of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk solids. The fundamental ingredients are cocoa beans, sugar, emulsifiers such as soy lecithin to retain texture, and flavourings like vanilla. The darker chocolate has cocoa and less sugar, the more bitter it will taste, and a small amount will be considered the safest snack.


The 5000-year old Indian medical tradition Ayurveda, literally the ‘study or knowledge of life,’ includes a variety of therapies including herbal medicine, suitable diets, lifestyle changes, meditation, massage, and yoga, adapted to the particular constituent or form of body to preserve or restore health.

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