Why Did The Beatles

Break Up?


The Beatles are the most influential and greatest band of all time. Beatles were able to capture an international audience for six years, from 1964 to 1970. In the band’s period, they introduced more new creations into mainstream music than other bands.

The Break-Up Phases

The band decided to take a break after several world tours in 1966 when they also opted not to play live for a while. However, during this break, Lennon was actually shooting a movie in Spain, named “How I Won the War,” unexpectedly. Digging deeper, the initial phase of their break-up reportedly occurred in 1969, when Lennon revealed privately to his mates that he was leaving the band.

What Caused the Decision?

In particular, the band realized that they had been deceived by McCartney by using a break-up they understood was well underway of promoting his new album.