Proven Pros and Cons of

Dark Chocolate

What are the dark chocolates?

Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk solids. The fundamental ingredients are cocoa beans, sugar, emulsifiers such as soy lecithin to retain texture, and flavourings like vanilla.

Top 5 benefits of the dark chocolates.

Dark chocolate helps to relieve from the stress, helps to control blood flow, helps to decreases the risk of stroke, helps to have nourish skin and helps to makes you feel better.

Is dark chocolate can cause gain weight?

Dark chocolate has a high number of calories and fat that can help increase weight when intake in excess. Few types are also highly sugar-added that can increase calorie counts and cause chronic diseases.

Is dark chocolate good for dogs?

Dark chocolate for dogs is toxic. Chocolate consumption, while seldom fatal, can cause significant ailments. Chocolate is poisonous because it contains both caffeine and a chemical called Theobromine.