Everything You Need to  Know About


What is chocolate?

You love chocolate, of course. We all do. Nothing comparable to the velvety, melt-in-your-mouth delicious taste that chocolate offers.

History of Chocolate

Have you ever heard of where chocolate originally came from? Let’s see the journey of the wonderful history of the world’s most famous sweet treat.

How is chocolate made?

Millions of individuals around the world love chocolate. But how many think about how chocolate is produced?

Top 3 type of chocolates in the world

The amounts of the different ingredients create different types and flavors of chocolate. Let’s see what they are...

Top 5 benefits of chocolates

It makes reduce the risk of heart disease, It helps to strengthen the brain health, It helps to control blood pressure, calms coughs and helps to protect you from arteries.

Top 3 most popular chocolate brands

1. Ferrero Rocher 2. Kit Kat 3. Mars