8 Keys To a

Happy Marriage

Communication is critical

Couples need to express thoughts with each other, chat about challenging issues, and be polite to each other.

No. 1

Prioritize each other first

Satisfying and healthy relationships require couples who bring the interests of others first.

No. 2

Do not attempt to change your partner

This is something that has a lot of partners in difficulty. They believe that they need to turn their companion into an image of a “perfect partner” if they are married or even in a serious partnership.

No. 3

Know yourself and your companion

The unfortunate truth is that most individuals spend much more time attempting to learn how their mobile functions than how their character works or how their partner works.

No. 4

Do not compare your companion with anyone

This is a destroyer of marriages. Know that there is only one of us, and with our personalities and weaknesses, even with extraordinary gifts and talents, we are all unique.

No. 5

Develop trust with your partner

Marriage counselor and researcher John Gottman have discovered that severe damage to marriage is criticism, disdain, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

No. 6

Have fun with your partner and be happy

This is mandatory, so you can’t take everything too personally. Researches have demonstrated that sometimes joking together is one of the keys to a long, fulfilling marriage.

No. 7

Learn to forgive each other

All individuals make mistakes. Your husband can hurt your emotions or do something that upsets you, which may make you sad, even mad.

No. 8