5 Proven Pros and Cons of Dark Chocolate

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In previous article, we have described about general information about chocolates. If you haven’t already read the article, we may ask if you’d like to read it first.

What are the dark chocolates?

What are the dark chocolates

For healthier eaters, dark chocolate seems to have become the snack of choice.

Dark chocolate is chocolate without milk solids. The fundamental ingredients are cocoa beans, sugar, emulsifiers such as soy lecithin to retain texture, and flavourings like vanilla. The darker chocolate has cocoa and less sugar, the more bitter it will taste, and a small amount will be considered the safest snack. 

Chocolate derives from cacao, a plant that has a high mineral and antioxidant levels. Sugar, cocoa butter, milk, and small amounts of cacao are contained in commercial milk chocolate. Dark chocolate, by comparison, has much greater amounts of cacao and less sugar than milk chocolate.

What are the dark chocolates’ top 5 benefits?

What are the dark chocolates' top 5 benefits

Here are the top 5 benefits of dark chocolates:

1. Dark chocolate helps to relieve from the stress

In addition to stress control methods such as meditation, dark chocolate is also associated with stress relief. It helps produce the sensational hormone serotonin and includes magnesium, related to anxiety reduction.

2. Dark chocolate helps to control blood flow

Once-daily dark chocolate will boost blood flow, lower blood pressure, lower blood clots, or LDL, cholesterol levels, said by Psych Central. The internal walls of the arteries are filled with LDL cholesterol to interfere with blood flow into the heart and contribute to a heart problem.

3. Dark chocolate helps to decreases the risk of stroke

The use of dark chocolate presumably decreases the risk of a stroke. Intake of 100 g (two bars) more chocolate per day leads to a decrease in cardiovascular and death risk.

4. Dark chocolate helps to have nourish skin

The dark chocolate of flavanols protects your skin against sun damage.

5. Dark chocolate helps to makes you feel better

In chocolate, phenylethylamine (PEA) is a chemical produced by the brain when a person feels better. To trigger feel-good endorphins, PEA stimulates the brain.

Is dark chocolate good for high blood pressure and diabetics?

For high blood pressure

Is dark chocolate good for high blood pressure and diabetics

Dark chocolate is ideal for hypertension. The study analyzed 24 studies of chocolate involving 1,106 individuals. 

Dark chocolate, the type containing at least 50 to 70 percent cocoa, was found to lower blood pressure in all participants, but most notably in hypertensive individuals. Eating 30 calories of dark chocolate per day can reduce high blood pressure.

For diabetics

Dark chocolate is healthy for diabetics

Dark chocolate is healthy for diabetics. As per Endocrine Abstracts, this treatment may actually reduce the risk of diabetes. Regular dark chocolate intake is linked with beneficial effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, two main factors in the onset of diabetes.

Inside the sweet snack’s formula lies the secret to how dark chocolate works against diabetes. Dark chocolate includes polyphenols, compounds that occur naturally and have antioxidant properties (which protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules). In dark chocolate, polyphenols can increase insulin sensitivity or how well insulin works in the body. 

As per studies published in Endocrine Abstracts, this, in turn, can help regulate blood sugar. This improved insulin sensitivity can delay the onset of diabetes or even prevent it.

Is dark chocolate can cause gain weight?

Is dark chocolate can cause gain weight?

Dark chocolate has a high number of calories and fat that can help increase weight when intake in excess. Few types are also highly sugar-added that can increase calorie counts and cause chronic diseases. 

The study, carried out by the Iranian researchers, showed that the body weight and body mass index were significantly reduced in 30 grams dark chocolate supplement for up to two months (BMI).

Is dark chocolate good for dogs?

Is dark chocolate good for dogs

Dark chocolate for dogs is toxic. Chocolate consumption, while seldom fatal, can cause significant ailments. Chocolate is poisonous because it contains both caffeine and a chemical called Theobromine. Theo-bromine is the primary toxin that is very similar to caffeine in chocolate. The two chemicals are often used as a diuretic, cardiac stimulant, muscle relaxant and vessel dilator medicinally. Theobromine and caffeine cannot be metabolized by dogs, as can humans. This puts them at risk to the chemicals’ effects.

This video from SciShow

A small quantity of Dark Chocolate, or even worse cocoa, would possibly be toxic and should not be ignored (much higher levels of Theobromine). If your dog consumes the cocoa powder, irrespective of his size, you can very easily find a dead dog if you ignore the issue. Your dog usually vomits on its own. If not, your veterinarian may need you to provide the hydrogen peroxide—1 tablespoon per each 20 pounds, Wismer says—to make them throw up. A turkey baster or a medication dropper may be used to give the liquid to them.

Thus, every dog’s owner must, from the point of view of an expert, know his/her dog’s safety level.

  1. How much is dark chocolate recommended daily?

    According to experts, the suggested “dose” is around 1 to 2 ounces or 30-60 g. Enjoy something more, and so many calories you can eat. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bar has 190 calories in the 1.45-ounce (41 grams).

  2. What type of dark chocolate is good for you?

    Find bars with 70% or higher cocoa content when choosing dark chocolate. In contrast with chocolate with a lower cocoa percentage, higher percentages of dark chocolate contain more antioxidants and nutrients.

  3. What is the best time to eat dark chocolate?

    As much as you want, you can indulge dark chocolates. Even so, dark chocolates must be consumed on the empty stomach or 30 minutes after a solid food meal for a person who wants to lose weight with these chocolates. Between lunch and dinner, you can eat them as a snack.


Pros and cons of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of nutrients that could impact your health positively. It is important to bear in mind, though, that dark chocolate is often high in calories and fat, and there are high levels of added sugar in many varieties. For this reason, as part of a balanced, well-rounded diet, it’s best to choose and enjoy high-quality products with a low content of additional sugar, which contains at least 70% cocoa.

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