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Internet Banking Security

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Internet banking security is the top priority fact for bankers and their customers. If you observe you can see, banking websites use various security systems to enhance their protection. Ex: timed log-outs, deactivation of login details when we do several incorrect attempts and various authentication steps.

Especially these days, Bankers are making sure to protect their online transactions systems and all sensitive customer data using extra layers of encryption.

Any leaks or mistakes can be damaging the company’s reputation and business. But, the bankers struggling will be useless if you, customers, make any mistakes using insecure methods when using internet banking.

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Have you received any email or text message with an URL link asking to click? Do not click it because that link may be a way to a malicious website attempting to impersonate your bank. For example, If you have clicked and typed your banking information there, you are in deep trouble and they can log into your online banking profile.

Only use your banking details into your official bank’s website or mobile application. If you received an email asking your user/password information, Absolutely, It may be a scam. Don’t do it.  Finally the best thing is, Do not share your online banking details through email or text.

Use Only Secure WiFi Networks

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Generally speaking, public WiFi networks like the ones you’ll find at your local coffee shop or library aren’t very secure. After all, they have to accommodate as many people as possible.

Using WiFi networks in coffee shops or libraries aren’t very secure. Lack of security levels make it easier to break down defenses. 

When you log in to the online banking, do not sign in over a public WiFi network. Do transactions only using a secure WiFi network like your personal WiFi connection.

If you are out, and when you need to do something with online banking, you can use it over your cellular network.

Use Only Official Banking Apps

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You should use your official banking mobile app when you do transactions, because, It has been tested and validated properly for securing and encrypting your personal data and information.

Never use any mobile or desktop application created by an outside team from your bank. Because they can cheat and steal your personal data and information.

If you have any doubt about the application you use, call your relevant bank and verify that an application is legitimate.

Thieves are so clever and  smart to gain your information without knowing you.

Create An Uncrackable Password

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Unfortunately, People create short and easy passwords that are easy to remember.  When creating passwords, many people use their birthday, their name, favorite sports team. Hackers use this as an advantage and they can guess these things using software programs.

So, you have better create a strong password for your online banking app. It should include a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

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