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How Artificial Intelligence Works for Google Algorithms

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Artificial Intelligence is the most amazing and incredible concept we have in the modern world. Simple example is, Amazon can identify what I need to purchase. This theory is based on the AI system.

Google’s RankBrain and AI

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Google’s RankBrain method is also based on this. This AI was included in 2015 as part of google search algorithm. Google rankbrain helps to produce search results. All the google search queries are run through the rank brain and It gives most relevant information that Users need to find.

For many years, google algorithm did not have a specific name. Middle of 2013, Overall google algorithm system was named as Hummingbird. As I mentioned before, RankBrain is a part of Hummingbird,  In the same way, Panda, Penguin, Payday and Pigeon are the other parts of Hummingbird.

Panda, Penguin and Payday work for fitting with spams and Pigeon works to improve search results.

What is Signals?

Signal is the thing that google uses to check the webpages and rank. For example, google search words of many web pages when It ranks in the google, so here, word is the signal that google uses. If webpages are mobile friendly, that is the signal google uses here. That means, mobile friendly is also a signal google has. 

Google has more than 200 major ranking signals. If you need more details of ranking signals see this article → The Periodic Table of SEO Factors

RankBrain is the third-most important part of google algorithm. So you will think, “then what are the first and second parts? ”. No, google does not discover it.

What is Knowledge Graph?

Google launched this concept in May 2012. If you type and search a specific company, people, places or things, you can see the Knowledge Graph how google presents. Even that process is analyzed by google. The results may depend on how well they work for SEO.

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